Delta Air Lines imposes new rules tightening leash on support animals

(NEW YORK) -- Before boarding a Delta Air Lines flight with a furry friend, passengers will now need documentation that support animals are healthy and well-behaved.

In the past, the airlin... Read More

Krispy Kreme letting fans vote on new flavor of glazed doughnut

(NEW YORK) -- Krispy Kreme is asking America to decide the flavor of its newest glazed doughnut that will be offered at participating shops around the country later this year.

Customers can vote for one of four choices -- blueberry, carame... Read More

Wall Street retreats after record-setting Wednesday

(NEW YORK) -- One day after a record close for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Wall Street's major indices retreated slightly on Thursday.

The Dow dropped 97.94, losing about one-third of a percent and closing at 26,017.81.

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Amazon names 20 remaining candidates for second headquarters

(SEATTLE) -- Amazon announced the twenty candidates still in the running for the company's second headquarters on Thursday, eliminating... Read More

Old corporate tax rate 'was never good for the United States,' Apple CEO says

(NEW YORK) -- In an interview with ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained why many U.S. companies, including Apple, have parked billions of dollars in profits overseas for years.

The high corporate tax rate in the U.S... Read More

Gay couple sues Vistaprint over receiving religious pamphlet instead of wedding programs

(BUTLER COUNTY, Pa.) -- A recently married gay couple has filed a federal lawsuit against printing company Vistaprint after allegedly receiving discriminatory flyers instead of their wedding programs.

According to the lawsuit, Stephen Heas... Read More

Nintendo introduces Labo brand of DIY accessories for Switch console

(NEW YORK) -- Fresh off the success of Nintendo's Switch console, the company announced<... Read More

INFINITI announces plans to go nearly all-electric by 2021

(NEW YORK) -- INFINITI Motor Company announced Tuesday that it will transition to nearly all-electric powered vehicles by 2021.
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Dow closes above 26,000 for the first time in day of gains on Wall Street

(NEW YORK) -- Another new record on Wall Street as the Dow closed above 26,000 for the first time in history.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly surpassed the 26,000 milestone on Tuesday, but retreated later in the session. On Wednes... Read More

'We want to help America,' Apple CEO Tim Cook says of moving foreign money back to US

(CUPERTINO, Calif.) -- Apple CEO Tim Cook opened up to ABC News after the company announced earlier Wednesday that it will be investing $350 billion in the U.S. economy over the next five years, creating more than 20,000 jobs.

In a Read More

Walmart distributing first-of-its-kind opioid disposal product

(BETONVILLE, Ark.) -- Walmart is offering a first-of-its kind opioid disposal product for free at all of its pharmacies, according to a company statement.

The product, called DisposeRX, enables patients to responsibly dispose of leftover m... Read More