Customer returns to Starbucks with apology note, $50 after rude treatment of barista

(NEW YORK) -- One California Starbucks barista got a surprise on March 21 when a customer returned to apologize for her behavior from the day before.

Andrew Richardson, 20, was floored when... Read More

Starbucks to open 12,000 new locations by 2021

(NEW YORK) -- If you already feel like there's a Starbucks on every street corner, get ready to see a whole lot more of the coffee chain's stores.

The company announced on Wednesday plans to open 12,000 new stores globally by 2021, 3,400 o... Read More

Cheerios' free flower seeds become thorny issue

(NEW YORK) -- General Mills' heart was definitely in the right place when it took its Honey Nut Cheerios spokes-insect “BuzzBee” off its boxes, to raise awareness of declining bee populations.

However, botanists are decrying a... Read More

Italian grandmothers taste test pasta at three price points

(NEW YORK) -- Ease and affordability make pasta a perennial favorite, but today artisans have turned this humble pantry staple into nouvelle cuisine.

By using ingredients like spring water, quality semolina flour and pushing the dough thro... Read More

Tax Tip: How moonlighting can affect your taxes

A lot of people are doing the side hustle these days, working a second job -- or more -- in addition to their full-time career. But when it comes time to file your taxes, that extra money may cost you.

"We saw a lot of independent contractors ... Read More

This Texas company lets you spend spring break driving real tanks, firing rounds and blowing stuff up

(UVALDE, Texas) -- Deep in the heart of South Texas, visitors are getting the chance to fire a real-life war machine. has set up shop at an 18,000-acre ranch in Uvalde, Texas, about two hours west of San Antonio, where peopl... Read More

Uber ensures drivers their happiness is one of the company's priorities

(NEW YORK) -- Uber has pledged to improve service to its drivers on Tuesday amid increased negative publicity about driver experience, according to BBC News.

The announcement also follows the departure of the company's former president Jef... Read More

Google promises to crack down on “hateful content”

(NEW YORK) – Google promises to “take a tougher stance on hateful, offensive, and derogatory content” in response to major companies pulling online advertising from the Google-owned YouTube, according to a BBC News report.

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New airplane electronics rules stem from ISIS-associated threat

(WASHINGTON) -- New aviation security measures restricting electronic devices on flights from certain overseas airports were prompted by new threat intelligence obtained earlier this year indicating that ISIS associates were working on smuggling expl... Read More

Gunshot injuries cost at least $6.6 billion in US over eight year span, study finds

(NEW YORK) -- Gunshot wounds are costing the U.S. hundreds of millions every year, much of it falling on government health insurance and the poor, according to a new study of firearm injuries in the American Journal of Public Health.

The U... Read More

What to know about the new security rule on some US-bound flights

(NEW YORK) -- Passengers flying directly to the United States from several airports in the Middle East will have to stow their laptops, tablets and other large electronics in their checked luggage as a result of a new rule handed down from the Depart... Read More