Second lawsuit filed against fertility clinic with freezer tank malfunction

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- A second putative class action lawsuit against a San Francisco fertility clinic was filed Thursday by a California couple who say their embryos were destroyed by a freezer tank fail... Read More

CDC says missing worker had recently received promotion

(ATLANTA) -- An Atlanta-area Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) employee who disappeared over a month ago did receive a promotion, the agency said, seemingly contradicting previous reports from police.

In a statement Monday, ... Read More

USDA withdraws animal welfare regulation for organic farms, sparking backlash

(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture has withdrawn regulations that would have required higher production standards for organic livestock and poultry beginning in May -- known as the animal welfare rule -- a move animal rights groups co... Read More

Teen shares how she cleared her severe acne using cheap products

(NEW YORK) -- After spending years suffering from severe acne, a teen said she was finally able to clear up her skin using cheap and mostly natural products.

After her striking before-and-after photos soon went viral, Karina Banuelos, 17, ... Read More

Drug-related deaths are up more than 600 percent over 35 years, study shows

(NEW YORK) -- It’s been a grim 35 years in the battle against substance abuse, according to a new analysis.

Overall, the study found the rise was more than 600 percent in deaths related to drug use in the U.S., between 1980 to 2014 -... Read More

Why the US spends more on healthcare than other countries, but doesn't fare better: Study

(NEW YORK) -- Americans pay more for health care and get fewer results, according to a new analysis.

The U.S. spends more money than any other country on healthcare, yet life expectancy is shorter, obesity is higher, and the rate of matern... Read More

Teacher's 'mental wellness' book wish list results in more than 300 books donated

(INDIANAPOLIS) -- Tina DuBrock has been a teacher for 15 years.

After watching recent tragedies like the Florida school shooting that left 17 dead, DuBrock said she felt for the first time that she needed to do even more to build her stude... Read More

'He's an incredible warrior:' Meet the rare cancer survivor cycling to raise funds for a cure

(NEW YORK) -- A survivor of a rare form of cancer, who had part of his leg amputated as well as undergone radiotherapy, chemotherapy and multiple surgeries, did not let any of those factors stop him from leading a team of bikers this weekend at an ev... Read More

Fidget spinners pose choking, burn hazards for children: EU report

(NEW YORK) -- The widely popular toys fidget spinners have been flagged on a recent European Union list of dangerous products. The European Commission released the report saying the toys pose several risks to children.

Many fidget spinners... Read More

Erin Andrews spreads awareness about cervical cancer: What you should know

(NEW YORK) -- In 2018, more than 13,000 women could be diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer and more than 4,000 women could die from it, according to estimates from the American Cancer Society -- and it is often preventable with the regular screen... Read More

Teen builds baseball-throwing prosthetic arm for father injured during Iraq tour

(CREVE COUER,Mo.) --  For the first time in 16 years, Jason Frei can throw a baseball with his right hand.

He said he'd taught himself how to throw with his left hand, after he'd lost his right arm and hand in 2003 during a tour in Ir... Read More