New York Police Officers Use Eyedropper to Save Unconscious Newborn

(NEW YORK) --  Two police officers on Long Island, New York, used an eyedropper to save the life of a newborn baby who was not breathing, police said.

Officers Steven Golub and Devin H... Read More

Your Body: Processed Meats Especially Bad for Asthma Sufferers

By DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

Who doesn’t love some crispy bacon with breakfast?

Well, a recent study out of France suggests all that processed meat could be bad for pulmonar... Read More

11-Year-Old Boy Becomes One of the Youngest to Get Artificial Heart

(CHICAGO) -- An Illinois boy has become one of the youngest people to receive an artificial heart after recently getting the life-saving device implanted at age 11, doctors said.

Jaheim Whigham is the youngest person to be given a new kind... Read More

Study: Nearly 1 in 5 Trauma Patients in Chicago Area Are Treated in Ill-Equipped Hospitals

(CHICAGO) -- With dramatic increases in shootings and homicides in Chicago in recent years, more and more patients are being taken to hospitals with traumatic injuries. However, a new study finds that many patients with traumatic injuries are being t... Read More

Tom Price's Last Known Plan to Replace Obamacare

(WASHINGTON) — With President-elect Donald Trump pledging to "repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many have been looking for signs of what a replacement plan might look like. One clue may be a plan proposed in 2015 by Trump... Read More

Beer Yoga Is Now a Thing

(NEW YORK) -- A growing number of people are putting the "AH" in "namaste," thanks to a new workout: Beer Yoga.

Apparently having got its start at Burning Man in the States, Read More

Your Body: MRIs During Pregnancy May Help Spot Brain Defects

By DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

It’s common for mothers to undergo ultrasounds during pregnancy. They’re used to look inside the uterus and check development of the baby. But a new s... Read More

“GMA” Workout Wednesday: Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak Leads 'Legsanity' Routine

(NEW YORK) — Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak is bringing his exclusive "Legsanity" workout to a special GMA live stream.

"This workout is all about toning, tightening, sculpting an incredible lower body," he told GMA<... Read More

Illinois Brothers Welcome First-Born Children on Same Day

(AURORA, Ill.) — Illinois brothers Jose and Ivan Favela are used to sharing the spotlight: They announced their engagements on the same day, they married their wives, side by side, in a joint wedding ceremony, and on Sunday, they both welcomed ... Read More

Mom's Plea for Acceptance for Son with Autism

(DUBLIN) -- One mom's New Year's resolution has been far more successful than she planned.

"I never expected it to get around Ireland, let alone get to America," Nicole Duggan told ABC News.

The Cork, Ireland, mom's Facebook pos... Read More

Hundreds of Strangers Raise Over $40K to Keep 108-Year-Old Ohio Woman in Her Assisted Living Home

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) -- Hundreds of strangers have raised more than $40,000 so that a 108-year-old woman can stay in her assisted living home in Columbus, Ohio.

Carrie Lou Rausch has been living at the home, Sunrise on the Scioto, for the past... Read More