Promising new drug for aggressive stage IV breast cancer encounters setback


(WASHINGTON) -- Federal approval of a highly anticipated breast cancer drug was delayed by the Food and Drug Administration this week.

The drug, sacituzum... Read More

Just smelling junk food can fight cravings for it, study shows

(NEW YORK) -- As anyone who has ever worked in a fast food -- or any -- restaurant can tell you, the smell of unhealthy food can put you off the stuff.

Scientists have now confirmed that a great way to fight your craving for fries, pizza ... Read More

Patients who may have contracted hepatitis at NJ surgical center file lawsuit

(SADDLE BROOK, N.J.) -- Two patients from a New Jersey surgical center have tested positive for hepatitis, their attorney said Thursday.

The HealthPlus Surgery Center in Saddle Brook warned thousands of patients last month about potential ... Read More

Vaccine opponents, climate change, Ebola among top 10 'threats to global health' this year, WHO says

(NEW YORK) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) has named people who oppose vaccination among the top 10 "threats to global health" this year.

"Vaccine hesitancy -- the reluctance or refusal to vaccinate despite the availability of vacci... Read More

Indie Beauty Expo's Best in Show 2018 winners include Hum Nutrition, Apoem and more

(NEW YORK) -- This year, Good Morning America is bringing you the exclusive Indie Beauty Expo's "Best in Show" 2018 winners.

Indie Beauty Expo was founded by celebrity esthetician Jillian Wright and entrepreneur Nader Naeymi-Rad i... Read More

Two apps to help you stay healthy this flu season

(NEW YORK) -- At a time when more than six million people in the U.S. have had the flu so far this season, ABC News' Good Morning America explored some apps that can help keep you and your family informed and healthy this winter.

... Read More

Car seat safety guidelines: What parents should know about installation, buckling up

(NEW YORK) -- On Monday, police in Mankato, Minnesota, responded to a report of a 2-year-old who was found in the middle of the road and still strapped to a car seat. The child, who was uninjured, was properly fastened to the car seat, but the car se... Read More

Already forgot your New Year's resolutions? Here are four tips to reset 2019

(NEW YORK) -- A few weeks into January can be a time New Year's resolutions starts to die.

People are no longer saying "happy New Year," the reality of being back at work and school has sunk in and it's easier to grab a glass of wine than ... Read More

Family behind OxyContin knowingly deceived public about safety of the opioid drugs, court documents say

(NEW YORK) -- New court documents from the Massachusetts attorney general claims to offer proof that the family that owns the company that makes the powerful opioid drug OxyContin was behind years of efforts to deceive doctors and patients about the ... Read More

'The View': New York Mayor Bill de Blasio aims to provide health care to uninsured

(NEW YORK) -- New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he believes everyone should have a right to health care.

"Let's face it, the emergency room is the family doctor now for millions and millions of Americans," de Blasio said in an interv... Read More

Extreme opponents of genetically modified foods think they know the most, but actually know the least: Study

(NEW YORK) -- New research suggests that people’s illusion of knowledge could be fueling the broader population’s opposition to genetically modified (GM) foods. “Extreme views often stem from people feeling they understand complex t... Read More