Gap in suicide rates among teen boys, girls is closing: Study

(NEW YORK) -- Teen suicide trends have long shown differences between the sexes: While girls have been more likely to attempt suicide, boys have died by suicide at higher rates. This disparity, howeve... Read More

FDA recalls tattoo inks due to possible bacteria contamination

(WASHINGTON) -- Food and Drug Administration officials recalled several types of tattoo ink this week over worries that they could be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

The Food and Drug Administration issued the warning to tattoo artis... Read More

Five more states sue Purdue Pharma over alleged role in opioid crisis

(NEW YORK) -- Five more states are suing OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma for its alleged role in the U.S. opioid crisis, the states' attorneys general announced on Thursday.

West Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, Iowa and Wisconsin are filing laws... Read More

World Health Organization releases new guidelines to reduce dementia risk

(NEW YORK) -- The World Health Organization has released new guidelines to help people reduce their risk of dementia.

The organization said in a news release Tuesday that dementia is not inevitable and pointed to regular exercise, quitting... Read More

Most parents text and drive, but millennial parents have even riskier habits: Study

(NEW YORK) -- Cellphone use while driving is a major contributor to motor vehicle accidents across the United States, yet a new study finds that despite widespread public health warnings about distracted driving, the majority of parents are still usi... Read More

High school senior loses 115 pounds by walking to school, changing diet

(CANTON, Ohio) -- Michael Watson, 18, battled his weight his entire life but decided to make a lasting change when he looked in a mirror his sophomore year of high school.

“When I looked in the mirror I was really ready to get it don... Read More

25-year-old faces rare form of ALS that took her twin, but experimental drug offers hope

(NEW YORK) -- Jaci Hermstad is fighting for her life -- against the same rare form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) that claimed the life of her twin sister, Alex.

This time could be different. A groundbreaking new experimental drug ... Read More

Prince William launches new mental health campaign to tackle men's well-being in grassroots soccer

(LONDON) — Prince William took a break from playing uncle Wednesday to launch a new mental health initiative alongside the U.K.'s soccer governing body, in order to improve the national conversation around men's well-being in conjunction with I... Read More

Woman's foster dog has a part-time job learning to sniff out cancer

(NEW YORK) -- Anna Sharova is the foster mom of a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Ivey who, like any other dog, loves to play, go on walks and lounge around the house.

The rest of the time, though, Ivey is on the job at the Penn Vet Work... Read More

What to know about yacon syrup, the natural sweetener Daphne Oz is 'obsessed with'

(NEW YORK) -- Ask anyone about natural sweeteners and you'll hear words like honey, monkfruit, stevia, molasses and maple syrup.

There is another, more under-the-radar sweetener that you may start hearing more about, though. It's called ya... Read More

Boy with spina bifida walks for first time at preschool graduation

(PROSPECT, Ohio) -- A 5-year-old who was born with spina bifida surprised his family and friends when he walked across the stage at his graduation ceremony last week.

Blake Mompher's big moment was captured on video by his parents and shar... Read More