How to make celeb chef Marcus Samuelsson's spring chicken salad recipe

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The downside of squeaky-clean skin: Why you’ve probably been washing your face wrong

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Could caffeine be good for your heart?

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Ketamine shows promise for fast-acting help with depression, suicidal thoughts: Study

(NEW YORK) -- Ketamine, often associated with street drug "Special-K" and also a hospital-grade anesthetic, could be a breakthrough, fast-acting therapy for major depression in a nasal spray form, according to a new study.

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35 reported cases of E. coli linked to romaine lettuce: CDC

(NEW YORK) -- Contaminated chopped romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona, is likely to blame for the E. Coli outbreak that has infected 35 people across 11 states, including 22 hospitalizations, according to the CDC.

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Teacher who lost 100 pounds now running to the Boston Marathon finish line

(BOSTON) --  Among the thousands of people running the Boston Marathon today is man who just five years ago weighed 100 pounds more than he does now and could not run more than two minutes at a time.

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Girls born to obese moms far more likely to start puberty early, study finds

(NEW YORK) -- Girls born to obese mothers are more likely to start puberty early than daughters of normal-weight or underweight mothers, new research finds.

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No, you can't tell "in your bones" if it's going to rain

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Blind bride details how 'extremely difficult' it is planning her 'fairy tale' wedding

(NEW YORK) -- A blind bride is planning her wedding despite how "extremely difficult" it's been without being able to see, among other things, her wedding gown.

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Celebrity bridal designer Amsale Aberra who passed away from cancer last week lives on through tribute show

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Family of newborn taken after birth sues hospital, Native American tribe

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Tearful mom describes joy of seeing colorblind son experience ‘everything in Technicolor’

(MARIETTA, Ga.) -- A colorblind boy’s new special glasses instantly made his world brighter and, for the first time, full of color.

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Here are the people most likely to use marijuana based on their professions, study says

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Bride with stage 4 cancer enjoys 'beautiful' wedding despite doctors' urging her to push up the date

(COLUMBIA, S.C.) -- Despite being urged by doctors to do otherwise, one bride battling stage 4 cancer kept her wedding date because it had a special meaning for her.

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