Trump's Congressional address: What you need to know

(WASHINGTON) — President Trump will give his first major congressional address at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, laying out his agenda for the nation. In addition to lawmakers, the audience is expected t... Read More

President Trump, first lady host governors for dinner at White House

(WASHINGTON) -- While Hollywood rolls out the red carpet for the Oscars, the president and first lady hosted a night of glamour of their own Sunday night. But instead of movie stars, the guests at the White House were the nation's governors.
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Oscars 2017: Nominees wear blue ribbons in support of ACLU

(LOS ANGELES) -- As part of a new initiative to support the American Civil Liberties Union, Oscar nominees and other stars are wearing blue ribbons with the organization's name on them.

Already spotted wearing the ribbons, part of the "Sta... Read More

Democrats' new chair on electoral mistakes: 'We ignored rural swaths of America'

(WASHINGTON) -- The new chair of the Democratic National Committee acknowledged the party made mistakes in its past election strategy and has work ahead to win more seats at all levels of government.

“We didn't invest enough in our s... Read More

A look back at Trump's live-tweeting of the Oscars

(LOS ANGELES) -- When Hollywood stars celebrate their Oscar wins at the annual Governors Ball bash on Sunday, Donald and Melania Trump will be hosting their own White House Governors’ Ball in Washington, D.C.

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Pelosi: President Trump 'has nothing to show' for first month in office except 'fear'

(NEW YORK) --  House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said that President Trump will have no positive achievements to point to when he gives his first address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night.

"He has nothing to show for it ... Read More

Why 2017 could be the most political year of the Academy Awards

(LOS ANGELES) --  For decades, going to the movies has given people a two-hour escape from the daily news cycle. But at the Academy Awards -- the pinnacle event in Hollywood -- winners on occasion have used the platform to bring attention to pol... Read More

Celebs react to Trump's decision to skip star-studded White House Correspondents' Dinner

(NEW YORK) -- Following President Donald Trump's announcement Saturday that he plans to skip April's star-studded White House Correspondents' Dinner, many celebrities took to Twitter to celebrate his decision.

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Trump says he won't attend White House Correspondents Dinner

(WASHINGTON) -- President Trump will not attend this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner, he announced on twitter Saturday.

"Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!" the commander-in-chief added.

The dinner, sp... Read More

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez elected DNC chair

(ATLANTA) -- Former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez has been elected the next chair of the Democratic National Committee, grabbing the reins of the political wing of the party and emerging as a key figure in the party's opposition to President Donald Tr... Read More

What you need to know about new DNC chair Tom Perez

(WASHINGTON) -- Top Democrats on Saturday chose former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez to lead the party in its opposition to the agenda of President Donald Trump.

The establishment and progressive wings of the party were split between Perez ... Read More