Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Talk Tour, Marriage and More

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Talk Tour, Marriage and More

LINCOLN – For the first time in 21 years, Garth Brooks is back in Lincoln to perform 5 shows. His fans are coming in from all across the state, and even from Iowa and Kansas.

Both Garth and Trisha Yearwood told reporters on Friday that they find Nebraskans relatable, Brooks even calling the Midwest, “The Land of Common Sense.”

Brooks tells News Channel Nebraska, “You want to mean the most to the people you were raised around, you know? So there’s a pressure with coming back here, it’s a pressure I’ll gladly accept, just don’t want to disappoint anybody. I want people to walk out and say, ‘Hey you know what? I saw him at the State Fair, this was better than that.’ That’s what your goal is. Whether they say it or not is up to them, but that’s what your goal is.”

Trisha Yearwood says she also relates to Nebraskan values and agriculture, “Even though I did grow up in Georgia, I grew up in a very similar environment. My dad was an Ag major. He had a regular job, but the minute he got home, he would put on his jeans and go work in the garden, or we had cows. We had about 30 acres – we had hay fields, we had soybean fields and we worked in those fields, too.”

With the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, Brooks says he took comfort in comforting his fans, and that turning to music was his way of coping with all the uncertainty.

“I got to tell you though, we were lucky enough that we didn’t get to play until Thursday after Sunday. I was scared to death for Thursday. How do you have fun when other people are hurting? You start to play, it kind of starts to get into your blood, everyone starts to relax and smile a little bit, and that’s part of the healing.”

Garth proudly sported his wife’s cooking show, that just started its 10th season on Food Network.

“The highest compliment to me is when somebody says, ‘I think I could be in your kitchen with you and it wouldn’t be weird.’ I want that. I like that. I think that’s why it works, I think people tune in and know it’s something they’re going to be able to make, and they know they’re probably going to laugh and I’m going to do something silly.”

And keeping her fans entertained on the show is what she does best. Her recent episode of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen featured her dressed up as her husband.

The country couple openly support one another’s projects, but says the effort they put into their marriage is most important. Brooks shares with News Channel Nebraska, “I had a marriage where I wasn’t a good partner. Hopefully in this marriage, I get to be a good partner. So when people give us way too much credit, we do what everybody else does, we will spend some nights arguing and stuff like that. I got to tell you though, once you’ve found that person that is your breath in and breath out, then it’s the first time that forever isn’t long enough. I wan’t to be anywhere she’s at, just in the same room.”

Both Garth and Trisha are looking forward to some much needed down time after their tour wraps up.

NCN’s Elise Hannah asks Trisha, “And besides your hibernation in January, anything else coming up that you’re excited about?”

“I’m excited about making some new music. I put out an album, kind of a ‘Greatest Hits’ with a few new songs when this tour started in 2014. I haven’t made a new album in a long time. As much as I love all the things I do, music is the thing. It’s what feeds my soul, so I’m really looking forward to making a new record. I’m hoping there will be new music in 2018.”


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