How to Watch NCN 48 TV

How to Watch NCN 48 TV

How Can I Watch News Channel Nebraska?

Thank you for watching News Channel Nebraska (NCN) Channel 48 in the Columbus area. We serve a very large geographic area and there are multiple ways to watch NCN48. We’ll make it simple for you to connect with us to catch up with the latest news, weather, information and sports.


Watch NCN with an Over-the-Air antenna:

In the immediate Columbus area, you can get us in High Definition over-the-air on Channel 48.  All you need is an antenna that connects with a TV made after 2009. If your TV is older than 2009, you’ll need a digital converter which you can buy at an electronics store.  After your TV is hooked up to an antenna you need to auto-tune your TV. Now that we have digital TV everywhere, auto-tuning means that you tell your TV to go out and find the digital channels that your antenna can pick up over-the-air.   For directions click this link: get free tv


Watch NCN on your local cable system:

News Channel Nebraska has been very fortunate to have the support of Eagle Communications, NNTC & Great Plains Communications.  Please know that each cable channel positions may vary.  We are available in the following communities:

 Eagle Communications                                           eagle

  • NCN 48  – Channel 21

Coverage Area:  Albion, Bellwood, Cedar Rapids, Central City, Fullerton, Genoa, Humphrey, Monroe, Newman Grove, Osceola, Palmer, Platte Center,  Polk, Richland, Rising City, St. Edward, Shelby, Spalding, Stromsburg, Schuyler

NNTC                                                                                               nntc

Coverage Area:  Clarks, Malmo, Morse Bluff, Prauge, Staplehurst, Ulysses, Weston                                                           

Great Plains Communications    Great_Plains_Communications_logo

Coverage Area:  Dodge, Scribner, Snyder, North Bend


To request NCN48 on YOUR local cable provider – click here!

Watch NCN on your TV with the Roku app:      RokuTV_logo_purple1

So many homes enjoy streaming services like Netflix. News Channel Nebraska is excited to announce that we have our own Roku channel. This means that if you purchase a Roku streaming stick or plug-in device, you can watch News Channel Nebraska anywhere. For instance, if you live in Arizona and would like to watch NCN48, simply buy a Roku device at your closest electronics retailer and you’ll watch NCN48 just like you would if you were watching TV in Platte Center. Same channel, same High Definition quality. To watch NCN48 on Roku, simply search for us under News Channel Nebraska.


Watch LIVE sporting events on NCN on your computer or phone:

News Channel Nebraska is everywhere. If you’d like to watch our channel during live sporting events on your desktop, laptop, iPad or even your mobile phone simply go to and click on Watch Live toward the top of our page. You’ll immediately be directed to a live stream of exactly what we’re broadcasting as if it was already on your TV.