2nd Graders from Lost Creek Learn Swimming Safety at the Y

2nd Graders from Lost Creek Learn Swimming Safety at the Y

COLUMBUS, Neb. – Second graders at Lost Creek Elementary got a special treat this week.

Thanks to a grant from the United Way, the students got four days of swimming lessons at the Columbus-area Y, which the kids were quite pumped for.

“We just learned time, reading the clock and so we practiced that by telling me ‘oh there’s three hours until we get to go to our swimming safety lesson’, ’50 minutes until we get to go’ so they are so excited,” says 2nd grade teacher Kristin Tomasevicz.

The lessons entail a wide variety of water topics including, what to in a swimming emergency, boat safety and safe activities they can teach their friends in the summer at the pool.

Now the kids are not all getting the same lesson, since the kids have different swimming skill levels, the instructors mend their classes to fit each student.

“They tailor it to where the students are at because I have students that have never had a swimming lesson and I have students that swim competitive at meets and so they group the students based on where they are as swimmers,” says Tomasevicz.

The lessons will last until the end of the week for the second graders.

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