3 Osceola Siblings Pursue Health Care Degrees at UNMC

3 Osceola Siblings Pursue Health Care Degrees at UNMC
(courtesy photo) Left to right: Lindsay Peterson, Landon Peterson and Lori Peterson.

The demands of an education in the health professions has brought three siblings closer together, though the rigors of their programs kept them from seeing each other on a regular basis.

If any of them went home to Osceola, Neb., for the weekend, most of their time was spent studying

Until Lindsay Peterson, 24 graduated in December from the UNMC physician assistant program on the Kearney campus, she and her two siblings were all enrolled at UNMC at the same time. Landon and Lori Peterson currently are enrolled on the Lincoln campuses in the dentistry and nursing programs respectively. Lori, 21, plans to graduate in 2019. Landon, 28, plans to graduate this spring and then will enter UNMC’s orthodontic residency program in Lincoln.

 As the oldest, Landon led the pack. All three siblings were voted homecoming king or queen and each was salutatorian of their graduating classes at Osceola High School.

“We all continually had big shoes to fill, and we all have worked hard to live up to our potential,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay said they did not text, call, or get together often. “But we know and understand in our hearts the amount of time that each of us is putting into our program to be successful as we work toward our goals and dreams.”

Until she started the nursing program, Lori said she had no idea how demanding it would be. “I now understand that a full day of studying truly means a full day of studying from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., sometimes longer.

“Growing up with siblings who set such great examples for me and showed me that tremendous rewards come from hard work has helped me strive to be like them and follow in their footsteps. I can count on them for anything, from study tips to calming my fears of an upcoming test or providing a quick ‘Good luck’ text before an exam.”

 The siblings said they are thankful especially to their parents, Tim and Jean Peterson, for the continuous love, support, and understanding while pursuing their education. “We would not be where we are today without them! They also take the time and travel to see us for an hour or two during our study breaks or for a quick supper together,” Landon said.

They also give credit to UNMC. “UNMC has guided us each into becoming the best we can be within our own disciplines of the medical field,” Landon said.

Lindsey has accepted a position with Faith Regional Physician Services in Norfolk, working with Dr. Tristan Hartzell and his team in Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Surgery.


How I chose my program

Landon Peterson, UNMC College of Dentistry, Lincoln

“I applied to medical school at UNMC. This was when I was introduced to the competitiveness, strenuous processes, and high standards within UNMC. This is why I was not overly disappointed to receive the news that I did not get accepted. Over the next year, I worked fulltime in a research laboratory and continued to shadow physicians and orthodontists. I found my heart and overall passion within the field of orthodontics. This profession would satisfy the rewarding aspects of becoming a physician, as well as fulfill my love for working with my hands, a skill instilled in me starting at a young age. It took at little longer than most and some unfortunate news, but I had finally found my passion.”

Lindsay Peterson, recent graduate, UNMC College of Allied Health Professions Kearney campus

“I chose the PA profession because while I was shadowing my orthopedic surgeon following a sports injury in high school, I discovered the PA position, and was intrigued by their role and responsibility in the health care team. I never looked back, and am now a graduated PA.”

Lori Peterson, UNMC College of Nursing Lincoln Division

“Growing up with my brother attending dental school and my sister applying to physician assistant school sparked my curiosity in the medical field at a young age. I shadowed multiple nurses in different specialties and realized how diverse this career would allow me to be.”

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