Columbus Area High Schoolers Looking for a New Ride

Columbus Area High Schoolers Looking for a New Ride
Bus transportation to students in Columbus will stop next school year. Details here.

COLUMBUS, Nebraska. – Students in one Columbus area high school will soon have to find a new ride to class.

“I literally told the superintendent that he is throwing this kid on the street,” says Fidelina Venegas, the mother of a Lakeview High 9th grader.

In a letter to parents, the Lakeview Community Schools announced that it will not provide transportation to high school students living on the east side of the city starting in August.

“I believe that given a 14-year-old car is dangerous and besides it is too costly for us,” says Venegas.

“The school decision will impact us greatly,” says Maria who wishes to remain anonymous. ” I don’t drive nor my husband. My daughter will simply have to stop going to school.”

Some parents feel that the school district is being racist since the majority of the students affected live in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood in the city.

“The superintendent is not helping us to find viable options,” Venegas explains. “He is set in his way.”

Superintendent Aaron Plas issued the the following statement:

“Lakeview has never provided 9-12th grades students with transportation but did allow some high school students on the east side of the district to ride the bus if room was available. This practice was carried on as long as there were seats available on the bus. Lakeview did this as an attempt to help our high school students and their families.”

“During the 2017-18 school year, transportation for high school student on the east of the district will change due to overcrowding on the bus.”

The school superintendent is suggesting parents contact their employers for help.



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