Coming Together For Cancer Research, Calf-For-A-Cure

Coming Together For Cancer Research, Calf-For-A-Cure

HEBRON – Nebraskans are known to help their neighbors in times of need. Twenty years later and a little over 13 million dollars raised, the Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska has made a positive mark on a deadly disease.

Volunteer Gregg Wiedel says, “It is a fundraiser for cancer research, where 90% of the proceeds we make go to the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Research Center in Omaha, and then 10% stays locally where we can designate where it goes – to the hospitals, or this program, or this program.”

The Cattlemen’s Ball isn’t just for cattlemen. It’s an entertaining two-day event that gives communities a chance to come together, showcase their area, celebrate a state known for its agriculture, and friendliness. Although the event isn’t until next June, volunteers still need your help in raising money.

Sticking to Nebraska roots, the Calf-For-A-Cure program is a way for you to donate, whether your involved in the beef industry or not.

“What we are asking people for, is just a $1,000 cash donation, which is tax deductible. Then we will go out and we will purchase, so many head of cattle with that money. Put them in a local feedlot. We will have donated corn and distillers, and then all the proceeds we make off of that will go to help with the cancer research.”

Wiedel tells News Channel Nebraska the community has been receptive and they have over 100 calves already. The organization is hoping to get around 200-250 before the November 1st deadline.

Donations can be made out to: Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska, P.O. Box 167,
6235 Road P, Hebron, NE 68370.

For more information on the Calf-For-A-Cure fundraiser, please visit the Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska Facebook page and website.

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