Cornhusker PPD Building Brand New Training Facility

Cornhusker PPD Building Brand New Training Facility

COLUMBUS – Cornhusker Public Power is making sure their lineman are prepared as possible for emergency situations, with their brand new wire training facility.

CPPD Operations Director Michael Stockwell says the facility was built on July 20th, and it consists of a series of power poles on the south side of the CPPD’s property. Lineman can practice emergency repairs and different controlled scenarios that they might face in the field.

“Through the safety council, we came up with the idea of installing this lab for training, troubleshooting, and just overall knowledge of what to expect when your out working on the lines.” says Stockwell.

Stockwell says they can modify the set up to fit whatever they need, and says the current set up is only a skeleton of the finalized project. In addition to above ground wires, the set up has hookups for underground power lines. The various poles and underground wires, are hooked up to different types of equipment to help provide a variety in the training.

“If you get into a real world situation, where you come out and have a fuse blown on a transformer, and you try to refuse that transformer and the fuse blows again, you obviously have a problem.” Stockwell asks,  “What steps do you have to do to correct this problem?”

Those are the types of situations Cornhusker Power’s staff can work through, thanks to this new training facility, says Stockwell.

Stockwell says they look forward to continue improving the setup, so that they are prepared for any type of situation.

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