Dean Jacobs on a Mission

FREMONT – He’s  walked down the white marble of the Taj Mahal, through the rice fields of Vietnam, been in the middle of Africa in the Serengeti  and so much more, with the goal in mind to share his stories and change his audiences’ perspective about the world, while also helping them remember their dreams.

Dean Jacobs is a Fremont native who has been traveling around the globe since 2001, after he quit his job, sold his house and asked himself the question that started it all: “How much stuff does one really need in order to be happy?”

Earlier this week on Bob Flittie’s radio show, Jacobs said that as of today, he’s been to 58 countries. When Jacobs isn’t traveling, he’s contributing as a newspaper columnist, photojournalist, children’s book author and keynote speaker.

According to Jacobs, we don’t shine our brightest sitting on couches, looking at television screens glued to our phones waiting for the next piece of bad news. We shine the brightest when we look up from the screen and be present, paying attention to the magical things that are around us.

Jacobs has been to many countries and seen amazing things, but he still loves Nebraska and has great gratitude for the people who appreciate what it means to look someone in the eye, open the door, smile and say good morning.

According to Jacobs, Nebraska people have an appreciation of the decency, goodness and the quality of humanity.

What’s Jacobs up to now? He’s in Ecuador because of the $15,000 worth of donations that he raised and funneled  to a non-governmental organization, which they used to build seven houses in a remote village. Jacobs is visiting that village, meeting the people, taking photos and writing about his experience.

Jacobs told Bob on the radio show that he’s on a mission. In the next five years he wants to have a presence with every elementary kid in the state of Nebraska.

In the words of Dean Jacobs, you can’t wait for something to come to you, “We can either choose to be intentional, or we can randomly walk through life and hope it works out.” Jacobs chose to be intentional, what do you choose?

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