Downtown Schuyler Improvement Plans Move Forward

Downtown Schuyler Improvement Plans Move Forward

SCHUYLER – It’s been almost seven years since the Downtown Schuyler Revitalization Plan was approved by the Schuyler City Council.

On April 4 the Downtown Vision Implementation Strategy was approved by the City Council.

The Council held its second meeting of the month on Tuesday and the next step necessary for a $350,000 grant was discussed.

The first priority mentioned as part of this plan was the improvement of psychical condition of above-ground and subterranean infrastructure of the Schuyler Downtown Historic District.

One of the challenges discussed were the brick streets in Schuyler that were installed in 1923 and even with the revitalization plan the city must keep the brick streets to keep the downtown’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places.

This downtown improvement will also take care of sidewalks, landscaping, ADA ramps and more.