Eagles Riders Stop in Columbus During Statewide Trip

Eagles Riders Stop in Columbus During Statewide Trip

COLUMBUS – The Eagle Riders of Nebraska made a stop in Columbus Friday, during their trip across the state of Nebraska, that will end at the State Capitol.

The Eagle Riders of Nebraska are all making the journey at their own expense, in an effort to raise awareness of the mental health needs of Nebraska’s youth. This is the 10th year the Pony Express Ride has taken place, and during the ride, the group collects letters that will be delivered to officials at the capital in Lincoln.

Eagle Rider Stan Bills is also the Executive Director of the Snow Redfern Foundation, and he says he has spent most of his life helping kids in need.

“We’re delivering these for family organizations that are around the state, and they have children who are effected by mental health. And so they have a very deep interest in that. The Eagle Riders of Nebraska, have a deep interest in the welfare of Children in the state of Nebraska,” says Bills.

Bills says they are trying to raise awareness, in hopes of getting more services and resources for mental health in Nebraska.

“I’ve worked with kids my whole professional life, and it’s a passion of mine personally. It is of these riders as well. You don’t ride a motorcycle this far in the rain and cold without believing in what you’re doing,” says Bills.

After leaving the Eagles Club in Columbus, Friday afternoon, they will be heading to Norfolk. The Riders will then head to Lincoln on Saturday.

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