Former Husker and NFL Player in Norfolk Gearing up For All-Star Football Classic

Former Husker and NFL Player in Norfolk Gearing up For All-Star Football Classic

NORFOLK, NE — Who doesn’t like some friendly competiton? It’s the white team against the red team as 73 students, 12 coaches and one former NFL player come together to kick off this year’s 4th annual Northeast Nebraska All-Star Football Classic.

So the former NFL player caught your ear, didn’t it? Good. It’s Hartington’s favorite son, former Husker player and 2X Super Bowl Champ, Russ Hochstein.

Hochstein, who loves his Nebraska roots, considers himself very lucky to have the opportunity to be back on the old stomping grounds.

“I enjoy coming back. I’m invested here. I love northeast Nebraska…coming back to me is more about saying ‘thank you’ to them.”

Football players from 57 high school football teams in the region will have the opportunity to play with other teams, not as rivals, but as teammates.

Hochstein says the All-Star Football Classic is a great way to show off local talent and in order to be the best, you have to play against and with the best.

“Stepping outside the box a little as a player and pushing them to beat the best. These guys are the best talent on the teams they faced throughout their highs school career, and it’s great they get to play along side them. It helps you rise to the occasion as well as playing the best the other way. There are benefits to that and you find out how good of an athlete you are and how hard you can push yourself.”

In Hochstein’s professional career as a NFL Football player, he says its a different kind of motivation when you get to play against your friends.

Hochstein will deliver the coin toss and his message to the guys playing Saturday is to be people who work hard and be leaders. To be leaders, Hochstein says, you lead by action and not by talking.

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