Fremont Native and Filmmaker Hoping to Bring Film Production Home

Fremont Native and Filmmaker Hoping to Bring Film Production Home

FREMONT – Fremont native and Hollywood filmmaker Kevin McMahon is hoping to bring another film production to his hometown.

McMahon has recently applied for Fremont’s Film Incentive Program for his recent indie film Carry On. The production with Pathfinder Motion Picture Company is currently in the financing stages. McMahon is hoping that if the Fremont City Council approves a 30% rebate for the production, then he can eventually get the green light from a finance company to film in the city.

McMahon says his film Carry On will be a summer film and it’s about an Internet story that many people may be familiar with.

“It’s based on a very famous viral story that’s been circulating the Internet since the 90s,” explained McMahon. “The story is about a man who has a mistress and wants to divorce his wife. When he offers his wife almost everything, she comes back with her terms. Those terms are that she will divorce him if he stays home for 30 days, so our eight-year-old son doesn’t get disrupted at school, and you have to carry me to the door every morning.”

McMahon says it’s not just Fremont’s Film Incentive Program that sparked his desire to film the movie in the city. He says he thinks the look and people of the community will also perfectly capture his vision for the movie.

“I think this film, in particular, would be really well-done in Fremont. I think the aesthetic of Fremont would lend itself wonderfully to the film,” said McMahon. “I think the people who we would find there to act in the movie would serve it well. And I also want to share a little of what I know and what I’ve learned in this industry with my home.”

The movie has a budget of just over $2.8 million, and the estimated qualifying Fremont spend is just under $1.5 million. McMahon says he’s hoping the city’s Film Incentive Program can approve his request for a 30% rebate for the estimated local spend. Currently Georgia and Louisiana are popular states for filmmakers to take advantage of film incentives, but McMahon would love to draw more film productions to Fremont with the city’s incentive.

“What they are trying to do with a film incentive is draw the film business into their state because of how much money gets spent in such a short amount of time,” explained McMahon. “It’s very lucrative to attract movies into these communities and states. Fremont has an incentive, Nebraska does not. So that’s pretty incredible for our little town.”

McMahon is hoping that if the rebate is approved the wheels of Hollywood will move fast enough to secure financing in late spring. He says if all goes well, the company could begin pre-production in the early summer months this year.

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