Keystone XL Ruling Monday, Appeals Likely

Keystone XL Ruling Monday, Appeals Likely
Omaha, NE.—It’s official.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission will make its long awaited decision on the future of the TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline Monday.

The vote is scheduled for 10 a.m. at the PSC hearing room in Lincoln.

But don’t plan on listening to Commissioners explain their votes. According to PSC spokesperson Deb Collins, “As the process is a legal proceeding and the potential for appeal exists there will be no comment made by the Commission with regard to decision.”

And as News Channel Nebraska first reported a key opponent is renewing an offer she hopes no one will refuse.

Jane Kleeb remains ready to take talk of high-profile, anti-pipeline protests off the table should the Commission move the environmentally controversial pipeline from TransCanada’s preferred route. That is one of three likely choices facing the PSC. The two others: approving or denying the pipeline outright.

Should the PSC move the KXL—an $8 billion project that would run crude oil from Canada to Mexico—it’s expected it would parallel the existing Keystone Pipeline some 60 miles to the east. (Read More Below)

And Kleeb, who would prefer an outright denial, says a “twinning” pipeline would find her side promising to take civil disobedience, such as lying down in front of bulldozers, off the table. “We would not stop the process,” says Kleeb.

TransCanada spokesman Matthew John has downplayed the twinning talk: “The preferred route was selected because it was the most environmentally responsible route….It impacts the least amount of land, water crossings and sensitive habitats.”

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