Kracl Meadows Hosts ‘Open House’ for People to Visit Two Finished Units

Kracl Meadows Hosts ‘Open House’ for People to Visit Two Finished Units

SCHUYLER – An ‘Open House’ was held at Kracl Meadows in Schuyler to explore two finished units.

These two units are ready for people to move in while the rest should be ready by August 1, according to community housing specialist Brian Bywater.

Applications are currently being accepted for people who are 55 years of age or older.

“The process is similar to getting a house loan. The information must be verified, the income must be verified, assets must be verified, and once that verification process is completed we’re able to determine whether or not the applicant is approved or not approved,” Bywater said.

The units offered are the standard unit and units for people with more psychical needs.

“We don’t really foresee families living here it’d be a challenge for families to income qualify,” Bywater explained.

There are certain income limits depending upon the number of people. For example, if it’s a single person he or she has a certain income limit, if it’s a couple it’s a different dollar amount.

“They cannot exceed those dollar amounts,” Bywater added.

The dollar amounts are set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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