Krist Finalizes Indy Bid for Governor, Property Taxes Top His List

Gov. Ricketts has done his best at keeping campaign promises but not governing.

- State Sen. Bob Krist

Omaha, NE—State Sen. Bob Krist is expected to launch his independent run for governor tomorrow (Wednesday).

Krist has told NCN the Nebraska Democratic Party asked him to run
as a Democrat but he refused, opting instead to leave the Republican Party and lead a 3rd party bid.

Now Krist tells NCN’s Joe Jordan (see video above) he’s going after Republican Governor Pete Ricketts with several key issues. Those include problems within the state’s prisons and, first and foremost, taxes:

Krist: Gov. Ricketts has done his best at keeping campaign promises but not governing.

NCN: What’s more important to you, getting something done on property taxes or income tax changes?

Krist: What’s important to me and what we hear everyday as elected representatives people want property tax relief. It’s gone up five-six hundred percent in the agricultural areas, it is almost as bad in residential and commercial areas. And you can’t have property tax relief without reformation, got to reform the system.

NCN: How does that work though because the state doesn’t control local property taxes. So is it a bully-pulpit issue?

Krist: It’s an education issue. The levies and education are tied at the county level, at the local level. People in Nebraska need to realize that when they are seeing relief of any kind it’s the fund at the state level giving money back to them.

NCN: But how does the state, how does the governor tell a county, tell a city council and a mayor’s office, tell the local Natural Resources District, cut your taxes cut your levy? They don’t have that authority.

Krist: Yes. Well, if you remember back to the Nelson years he did set a cap on levies. He did that by communicating with the local authorities, bringing them in and being cooperative about that effort. There won’t be any dictatorship. You’ll have to bring people in and have a conversation. We’re not having that conversation right now because the party has said this is the way things are going to be. The status quo is not going to work.

Ricketts announced his reelection bid in June promising to continue to make lower property taxes a priority.

There is still no Democrat in the race.

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