Ricketts Talks Taxes, Roads Funding in Columbus

Ricketts Talks Taxes, Roads Funding in Columbus

COLUMBUS – Pete Ricketts made a stop in Columbus Tuesday over lunch, to talk about taxes, drawing interest from businesses and young professionals, as well as roads funding.

Ricketts said their are four major focus areas for the Government including relieving the tax burden, relieving the regulatory burden for business, developing the Nebraska workforce, and opening up markets to sell more products and services.

Ricketts said the core of all four of these focus areas is controlling spending and making cuts when necessary.

“For child welfare we asked for an additional $35 million. We didn’t take any cuts to things such as aiding developmental disabilities or department of corrections. We didn’t touch K-12 education. so we made spending priorities in the budget and then asked everybody else, and said, hey you need to go and look at your agency. This is what the expectation for you is, comeback and tell us what you’re going to spend money on. Where are you going to prioritize that money,” said Ricketts.

Ricketts was also asked about funding for infrastructure in the area, and whether are not it would remain available.

Ricketts said there was an attempt by the legislature to take away funding from roads previously, but says they did not see any attempts in the legislatures latest session. Ricketts says when the legislature attempted to take money from roads funding, it would’ve been used on the general fund.

“I vetoed that out of the budget and we were able to make that veto stick. That’s the real danger, is not, oh are we going to have enough money to fund our transportation infrastructure. The real danger in this budget is, is that legislature going to try and rip off that money. Last year they tried, this year they have not,” said Ricketts.

Ricketts spoke to the group, which met at noon at the Columbus Ramada.




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