Table Top Model Shows Workings of Beatrice Water Distribution System

Table Top Model Shows Workings of Beatrice Water Distribution System
Steve Kelley and Wayne Rickers, Beatrice Water Department

BEATRICE – Leave it to two veteran Beatrice City employees to come up with a way to explain how your water gets from wellfield, to tap.

City Water Superintendent Steve Kelley and Technician Wayne Rickers have come up with a table top contraption that has been demonstrated to Beatrice elementary school students.  It shows how water gets from the city’s wellfields nine miles northwest of Beatrice, to underground reservoirs at 4th and Grant, through the distribution system, to the two water towers, and eventually, out your tap.

:32                  “not the case”

The table includes a small water tower, with the name “Kelleyville” on it.  The table-top uses blue-colored water to show the path your drinking water takes.

:11                  “the water tower”

Part of the display shows what’s connected to a residence or business, included a meter now part of the city’s automated meter infrastructure system, which allows remote recording of how much water has been used.

Once a water tower is filled, the system relies on gravity to provide water to residents through the system. The city has two towers, located in the northeast and south parts of the community.

Many of the oldest water lines, some dating as far back as the late 18-hundreds, were cast iron.  Some of those have been replaced by stronger, ductile iron…and many others, by the most modern method….PVC pipe.

:15                  “lot more problems”

The city regularly has water main breaks…a few of them dramatic.  One major line break years ago west of 4th and Grant, displaced concrete sections of street.

The record amount of water pumped in the City of Beatrice came in 1990….6.7 million gallons in a single day.  Kelley says the city is pumping less water today than it did years ago, thanks mainly to conservation measures.

The table top display showing how the water system works, was shown to the Beatrice Board of Public Works, on Wednesday.

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