Inaugural Nebraska Track and Field Festival features seven state leaders competing overall

Inaugural Nebraska Track and Field Festival features seven state leaders competing overall
World-Herald News Service

Friday’s debut of the Nebraska Track and Field Festival in Papillion has been the statewide draw that Joe Pilakowski sought.

The boys coach at Papillion-La Vista, Pilakowski points to the boys 110-meter high hurdles as an example.

“Amazing top to bottom, and boys from all corners of Nebraska. Jon Flight versus Noah Vedral, with Tijah Davis and Logan Hammond in there. And Lance Moore will drive five hours from Mullen to compete,’’ he said. “That event to me is what the event is all about.”

Flight, from Wahoo, is the state leader in the 110s and the event’s returning gold medalist at the state meet. Vedral, from Wahoo Neumann, also will be side-by-side with state leader Flight in the 300 intermediate hurdles.

Davis is from Boys Town and Hammond from Ogallala.

Seven more state leaders are entered in the meet. In boys, it’s Nebraska football pledge Cam Jurgens of Beatrice in the shot put and discus, Dylan Kautz of Norfolk Catholic in the 100, Michael Knowles of Omaha Northwest in the 400 and Mayson Conner of York in the high jump. In girls, it’s Omaha North in the 400 relay and Papio South in the 3,200 relay.

The meet is at Papillion-La Vista Stadium, 108th Street and Nebraska 370. Field events start at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, track finals at 4 and the final event should go off about 7:30 p.m.

The depth of the fields for boys seems greater than for girls.

“We’re still trying to figure that out,” Pilakowski said. “We’ve had some boys coaches, even some I’m not close with on the boys side, really, really buy in. Ogallala and Minden come to mind. We’ve got good girls, just not the depth. I think you’ll see Lincoln Southwest and Bellevue West among the bigger schools get in, in the future, and adding some smaller schools that will really change the boys and girls side, I hope.”

There will be no duel in the 100 between Kautz and Papio’s KJ Cotton, the two-time returning gold medalist. Cotton, who’s been sidelined by a sore hamstring, is making his season debut but will run only the 200 and a leg of the 400 relay.

“He’s about 80 to 85 percent right now,’’ Pilakowski said. “His hamstring is improving.”

In the boys high jump, York’s Conner will jump against two-time returning gold medalist Allen Gordon of Omaha North and Jakob Estrada of Ogallala. All three have cleared 6-10 this season, with Conner the state leader at 7-1.

Here’s a full list of participants:


Miracle Mile (1,600 meters): Logan Clark, Jacob Ralston, PLV South; Alec Wick, Blair; Alex Tollinger, Omaha Central; Tyler Williams, Papillion-LV; Eli Frasher, David City Aquinas; Jack Larsen, Omaha Gross; Justin Vrooman, Hastings SC; Justin Karstetter, Elkhorn; Jack Lindgren, Ogallala; Nathan Ostdiek, Columbus Scotus; Jordan Lorenz, Nate Harmon, Drew Correll, Gretna; Lucas Lahr, Aidan Wheelock, Minden; Osman Gele, South Sioux City; Abdul Mohamed, South Sioux City; Jonah Heng, Norfolk Catholic

3,200 relay: Wahoo Neumann, Omaha Central, Gretna, Papillion-LV

400: Cody Mroczek, Scotus; Noah Vedral, Wahoo Neumann; Chase Smith, Minden; Ian Brown, D’shaun Samuels, Omaha North; Michael Knowles, Omaha Northwest; Clay Madson, Ray Jackson, Papillion-LV

3,200: Jacob Ralston, Logan Clark, Kyler Caverzagie, PLV South; Eli Frasher, Aquinas; Luke Stuckey, York; Evan Wick, Blair; Justin Vrooman, Hastings SC; Jack Larsen, Omaha Gross; Jordan Lorenz, Nate Harmon, Drew Correll, Gretna; Nathan Ostdiek, Scotus; Aidan Wheelock, Minden; Reed Davis, Boys Town; Osman Gele, Abdul Mohamed, Shaafici Mohamed, South Sioux City; Jonah Heng, Norfolk Catholic

110 hurdles: Jon Flight, Wahoo; Zach Schlager, McCook; Tijah Davis, Boys Town; Noah Vedral, Wahoo Neumann; Logan Hammond, Ogallala; Braxton Nunnenkamp, York; Alex Thramer, O’Neill; Lance Moore, Mullen

100: Dylan Kautz, Norfolk Catholic; Conor Penington, Elkhorn; Chase Smith, Minden; Samir Crawford, Omaha North; Larry Graham, Jerrill Smith, Boys Town; Omar Parker, Omaha North

800: Beau Larsen, Will Rice, Omaha Gross; Justin Karstetter, Elkhorn; Carter Thiele, Oakland-Craig; Jeron Tuttle, Jacob Henning, Ogallala; Jake Norris, Papillion-LV; Sean Dailey, Luke Haberman, Neumann; Dylan Ellis, Carson Combs, Michael Kathol, Gretna; Jason Landin, Boys Town; Lucas Lahr, Minden; Mubarek Abdela, Abdulwhabe Ahmed, South Sioux City

300 hurdles: Noah Vedral, Neumann; Jon Flight, Wahoo; Logan Hammond, Ogallala; Lance Moore, Mullen; Garret Ruge, Dawson Bowers, Battle Creek; Tijah Davis, Boys Town; Kevonta Thompson, Omaha North

200: KJ Cotton, Papillion-LV; Cody Mroczek, Scotus; Chase Smith, Minden; Conor Penington, Elkhorn; Bennett Lorenz, Gretna; Dylan Kautz, Norfolk Catholic; Jacob Estrada, Ogallala; Jerrill Smith, Boys Town

400 relay: Omaha North, Norfolk Catholic, Minden, Boys Town, Wahoo Neumann, Gretna, Ogallala, Elkhorn

1,600 relay: Wahoo Neumann, Papillion-LV, Minden, Gretna, Battle Creek, Blair, Ogallala, Omaha North

Shot put: Cam Jurgens, Beatrice; Dalton Peters, Aurora; D.J. Gross, McCook; Dylan Kucera, Fremont Bergan; Tysen McDowell, Justin Villars, Minden; Zac Stieb, Arcadia-Loup City; Korey Stolze, South Sioux City; Evan Welsh, Neumann; Trey Tenopir, Cedar Bluffs; Tyler Hays, Elkhorn

Discus: Cam Jurgens, Beatrice; Dalton Peters, Austin Allen, Aurora; Justin Villars, Minden; D.J. Gross, McCook; Andrew Schuller, High Plains; Patrick Arnold, Gretna; Brandon Rezac, East Butler; Zac Stieb, Arcadia-Loup City; Tyler Hays, Elkhorn; Dylan Kucera, Fremont Bergan; Jeremy Swanson, York

High jump: Allen Gordon, Omaha North; Mayson Conner, York; Jakob Estrada, Ogallala; Jonathan Carter, Jaden Collins, Papillion-LV; Reid Jurgensmeier, Neumann; Noah Burghardt, Gretna; Wyatt Liewer, O’Neill; Greg Gaston, Wauneta-Palisade; Grayson McBride, Wayne; Aaron English, Elkhorn; Jaden Collins, Papillion-LV

Long jump: Allen Gordon, Omaha North; Jonathan Carter, Papillion-LV; Treyshawn Burnett, Omaha North; Evan Portz, York; Kymani Bell, Boys Town; Reid Gates, Elkhorn; Nolan Baker, Arcadia-Loup City; Noah Valasek, Riverside

Triple jump: Treyshawn Burnett, Omaha North; Reid Jurgensmeier, Neumann; Noah Valasek, Riverside; Kymani Bell, Boys Town; Nolan Baker, Arcadia-Loup City; Isaac Simpson, PLV South; Grayson McBride, Wayne; Max Lofgren, Elkhorn; Grant Edgecombe, Minden; Tristan Duin, Gretna; Canon Flores, Gretna

Pole vault: Dalton Ryan, Blair; Weston Johnson, Zach Zohner, Battle Creek; Nathaneal Roberts, Coy Peterson, Gretna; Mitchell Klassen, Papillion-LV; Izzy Miranda, Jensen Wallace, South Sioux City


1,600: Mazie Larsen, Gretna; Katie Williams, Marian; Anna Jennings, Anna Milton, PLV South; Megan Gillen, Platteview; Cameron Hucke, Hastings SC; Julia Lee, York; Audrey Stelling, Norfolk Catholic; Allie Binder, Auburn

3,200 relay: Aurora, PLV South, South Sioux City; Gretna

400: Sophia Kirwan, Blair; Morgen Bianchi, PLV South; Mary Beth Rasmussen, South Sioux City; Ataja Frezell, Omaha North; Jenny Kadavy, York; Erica Broin, Papillion-LV; Taylor Gilsdorf, Norfolk Catholic; Rachel Walters, Gretna

3,200: Mazie Larsen, Gretna; Katie Williams, Marian; Emily Johnson, Elkhorn South; Cameron Hucke, Hastings SC; Emma Jones, Taryn Robinson, PLV South; Lindsey Stuckey, York; Allie Binder, Auburn

100 hurdles: Shechaniah McGhee, Omaha North; Addy Vinton, Mullen; Skyler Hadley, Loomis; Alex Anderson, Norfolk Cath.; Taya Rainforth, O’Neill; Olivia Sattlefield, Quinn DeGroot, Tiara Ramsey, PLV South; Tristian Kinsey, Aurora

100: Zerada Knox, Ebone Stingley, North; Mika Brees, Seward; Lexie Gilbert, Josie Kroger, Elkhorn; Maggie Mullen, Marian; Maddy Roumph, Cedar Bluffs; Alix Bloom, Riverside

800: Emery Swan, Brady; Abby Currie, PLV South; Emily Romano, Kaylee Moore, Gretna; Gracie Lamski, Elkhorn; Lily Johnson, Blair; Capri Dethlefs, Arcadia-Loup City; Payton Birkel, O’Neill; Audrey Stelling, Norfolk Catholic

300 hurdles: Chaniya Alioth, Dariauna Lewis, Omaha North; Kelly Gehring, Marian; Kennedy Mogul, York; Addy Vinton, Mullen; Sam Eichelberger, O’Neill; Alex Anderson, Norfolk Catholic; Michaela Jurjens, Brady

200: Mika Brees, Seward; Zerada Knox, Artavia Bosan, Ataja Frezell, North; Lexie Gilbert, Josie Kroger, Elkhorn; Nina Cuevas, PLV South; Alix Bloom, Riverside

400 relay: North, PLV South, Elkhorn, Blair, Cedar Bluffs, Gretna

1,600 relay: PLV South, North, Blair, Gretna

Shot put: Marika Spencer, Scotus; Addison Henry, Arcadia-Loup City; Jodi Fry, Ewing; Nyabuay Diew, South Sioux City; Carsyn Zumpfe, York; Montana Markus, Arcadia-Loup City; Riley Griffith, Aurora; Natalie Brainard, PLV South; Mekya Lessley-Phillips, Danya Horne, North

Discus: Addison Henry, Montana Markus, Arcadia-Loup City; Marika Spencer, Scotus; Sophie Swanson, Nyabuay Diew, South Sioux City; Madison Brase, Omaha Gross; Shanie Brichacek, Gretna; Natalie Brainard, PLV South; Anna Squiers, Kearney Catholic

High jump: Addy Vinton, Mullen; Maya Frazier, Elkhorn; Brianna Botts, PLV South; Erica Broin, Papillion-LV; Ashley Hohenstein, South Sioux City; Aurora Gissler, Gretna

Long jump: Claire Cornell, Elm Creek; Kylie Hammer, Wayne; Kassie Gibbons, Elkhorn South; Kirsten Meyer, Marian; Ataja Frezell, Dariauna Lewis, Artavia Bosan, Omaha North; Katie Harnack, Blair; Hayley Keenan, Marian; Isabel Bothwell, Gretna; Alix Bloom, Riverside

Triple jump: Lexi Riley, Marian; Kylie Hammer, Wayne; Lauren Riley, York; Maddie Walkowiak, Riverside; Maddy Roumph, Cedar Bluffs; Callie Dethlefs, Arcadia-Loup City; Ebone Stingley, Omaha North; Katie Harnack, Blair; Chloe Bertelson, Meg Rice, Omaha Gross

Pole vault: Keri Oswald, Aurora; Mikayla Marvin, O’Neill; Kaylin Murcek, Papillion-LV; Michaela Jurjens, Brady; Casey Tillisch, Elkhorn South; Kelly Gehring, Marian; Morgan Schenck, Blair; Matty Hoskins, Minden; Mara LeGrand, PLV South; Allison Pinkall, Gretna; Miriam Calderon, Bennington