Norfolk-Native and Korean War Vets Remains Escorted Home

NORFOLK - After 67 years, a Norfolk-native and Korean War vet has finally come home. Monday served as long overdue closure on the life of Army Sgt. First Class Milton Beed as his remains were retur... Read More

COLUMBUS - Welcome to the Jungle was the theme for Columbus High's Post Prom, but those who attended the sneak peak, may have thought they were anywhere but Columbus. News Channel Nebraska got a chance to see this year's post prom decorations just... Read More

State troopers encounter a little bit everything on the road. Now a Nebraska trooper can add a new one to his list. Sgt. Jamey Balthazor was sent Sunday morning to investigate what appeared to be an abandoned motorcycle and moto... Read More

LINCOLN — Gov. Pete Ricketts vetoed three bills Monday, including one that repealed a law allowing Nebraska counties to eradicate prairie dogs on private land. Ricketts also rejected a bill that would have used private funds to hire a... Read More

An eagle found last month sick from lead poisoning was released today after being rehabbed by a Nebraska raptor group. The bird was found in a cornfield near Hampton, Nebraska. The eagle was so sick it could not fly, said Molly Mullen, ... Read More

Omaha, NE—A state lawmaker's unusual "get out of jail card" is about to expire and his drunk driving arrest likely to kick-in soon. Omaha State Senator Mike McDonnell was busted earlier this year, but a loophole in the State Constitution kept hi... Read More

COLUMBUS - A driver was checked out but not transported, after their car was totaled on 18th Avenue. The Platte County Sheriff's Office, Nebraska State Patrol, and Columbus Fire and Rescue responded to the accident on 18th Street, north of Lost Cr... Read More

Susan Littlefield reports....... Read More

An estimated 300 acres of brush and trees burned Sunday near the Missouri River, a Council Bluffs fire official said Monday. The fire started south of the Western Trails Museum at 3434 Richard Downing Ave. It stretched more than 2 miles to the Vet... Read More

That dandelion in your yard isn’t as useless as you might think. Before you pluck it, think about the bees. To those buzzing little pollinators, dandelions are like candy. Dandelions are one of the first flowering plants in sp... Read More

BEATRICE – Answering a report of the strong odor of marijuana, Beatrice Police arrested a man at a local motel on drug and weapon charges, over the weekend. Leroy Dominick Harper was arrested Saturday on suspicion of firearm possession in a drug... Read More