Tech Talk - Tony Veland

_informq.push(); Brittany Therese meets with Tony Veland, Director of business development, AIM Institute, To talk about what "AIM" is....... Read More

The U.S. farm economy is suffering, with no quick rebound expected. Economists with the Nebraska Business Forecast Council last week warned that Nebraska’s annual farm income for 2018 is expected to drop below $2 billion — the lowest... Read More

WASHINGTON — Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb has some issues with the way her own party is talking about environmental matters and agriculture lately. Kleeb briefly addressed a Capitol Hill breakfast for visiting Nebraskans ... Read More

Medicare Advantage enrollees get a new, second chance to find the right health coverage this year. The government added another enrollment window that started Jan. 1 and lasts until March 31. It gives people with privately run versions of the fede... Read More

There are no sick days when a fourth state wrestling title is within reach. Had it been any other week, James Burks wouldn’t have wrestled the way he was feeling from a stomach bug that hit him Wednesday. “I was a little nervous,... Read More

_informq.push(); NORFOLK - A winter weather advisory is in effect for most of Eastern Nebraska. Snowfall totals in the northeast region surrounding Norfolk are expected to be between 4 and 6 inches. As we move further south into the Beatrice... Read More

OMAHA -- The National Weather Service in Omaha reports that visibilities in the Norfolk area are 1.25 miles as heavy snow falls across much of northeast Nebraska. Much of eastern Nebraska is in a Winter Weather Advisory until noon on Sunday. Forec... Read More

_informq.push(); Brittany Therese meets with Rachel D Fox, Local Entrepreneur & Consultant, to talk about her "You Go Girl!" program!...... Read More

An Omaha man has pleaded guilty to producing child pornography for filming himself raping a 13-year-old child. Federal prosecutors in Nebraska said in a press release that 38-year-old Steven Carlson entered the plea Friday to one count of prod... Read More

HARRISBURG — The Banner County Public Schools board has approved the district’s transition to a four-day school week. The shorter week, approved unanimously, will take effect during the 2019-20 academic year. Students will attend Monday throug... Read More

James Burks of Omaha Burke and Tyler Pawloski of Pleasanton are the stars of the show Saturday. But only one of the two wrestlers bidding for their fourth state titles can go last. That will be Pawloski. With returning champions in tw... Read More