Blizzard Warning for Schuyler, DC Area Starts at 4 AM

..BLIZZARD CONDITIONS EXPECTED IN NORTHEAST NEBRASKA THROUGH SATURDAY... .A strong winter storm will bring heavy snow and winds gusting up to 45 mph or higher. This will create blizzard conditions in ... Read More

Blockbusters Highlight Big Movie Year to Come in 2018

If you're a fan of blockbuster movies, 2018 is shaping up to be a can't miss year across the silver screen with the likes of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and the 50 Shades franchises set to release films. What other movies are we looking forward to in 2... Read More

Georgia Dome Implosion Draws Large Audience

ATLANTA - The Georgia Dome came tumbling down in Atlanta this morning with the world looking on, including cameras set up from The Weather Channel. However, their cameras weren't exactly in the best spot once the implosion started. Watch the vi... Read More

Alexa Loves Star Trek

With the new Star Trek: Discovery season starting Sunday night, the Amazon Echo has added some new skills.  According to this article on, you can demonstrate your knowledge with Star Trek trivia. “Along the way, you’ll hear from the ... Read More

Villagers Feed Cobra Snake Bottled Water

NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA -- In the world of weird news, villagers in India confronted a cobra snake that was in search of water. Cobra snakes have enough venom to kill 20 people....... Read More

Blake Flood Introduces

NORFOLK -- As severe storms moved through northeast Nebraska Wednesday night, News Channel Nebraska's Mike Flood received a visit on the set during weather coverage from his 6 year-old son, Blake. The younger Flood had just purchased a red-belly frog... Read More

CNT's Jr. Reporter Interviews the Mayor of Columbus

Columbus News Team has a new Junior Reporter. His name is Henry Ramaekers.  Ramaekers sat down with the Mayor of Columbus, Mike Moser, to discuss current events....... Read More

Austen Hagood Visits Local Restaurant

Entertainment Correspondent, Austen Hagood, visited Dusters and the Gottberg Brew Pub Wednesday afternoon. Austen was treated to samples of cream soda, Gottberg Reuben and a French onion steak sandwich. Check out Austen’s trip to the local re... Read More