Transportation Secretary Talks Infrastructure, Punts Pipeline Safety Question

Omaha, NE.—According to Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, until she stopped in Omaha today, she'd never been asked a key question involving the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Secretary spoke wi... Read More

A Latina Making History in Schuyler

SCHUYLER, Nebraska. - For the second time this year, a Latino becomes part of the Schuyler City Council and this time it's a woman joining the council. Schuyler Mayor David Reinecke has appointed Mexican-born Barbara Raya to hold the vacated seat... Read More

New Group Helping Military Families, Veterans Have Free Horse Race Entry Sat.

COLUMBUS - A small but passionate group of local residents have formed a new group that is hoping to help veterans and families of the military. Friends of the Columbus Area Military is a relatively new group says Jan Blair, who has a passion for ... Read More

Another Empty Seat on the  Schuyler City Council

SCHUYLER, Nebraska. - There's another opening on the Schuyler City Council. Ward One Councilman Ed Korth—who is moving from the district— resigned Tuesday. Korth is the second councilman from Ward One to leave the seat this year. Ted Marxen... Read More

Newest Deputy Joins Colfax County

SCHUYLER - Colfax County is welcoming a new deputy this week, following his graduation from basic training. Deputy Shane Titus started work Monday for the Colfax County Sheriff's Department after graduating from the 196th basic on Friday, said the... Read More

Group Drove in Stolen Pickup to Smoke Meth

SCHUYLER - A Columbus man is facing two felonies for driving two stolen vehicles, after telling police he was going to drive around and smoke meth. Javier Borges-Valdes, 19, is facing two class 2A felonies for driving separate stolen vehicles on ... Read More

Colfax County Library Funding Held in Check

SCHUYLER, Nebraska. - The Colfax County Library Association will not see an increase in funding next year. The Colfax County board voted Tuesday to hold the line at the current $27,500 mark. The Library association was asking for an additional ... Read More

Man Found Sleeping with Meth Pipe

SCHUYLER - A man found sleeping at a local hotel with a meth pipe next to his bed, is facing a felony charge in Colfax County. Roy Anderson, 30, is facing a felony possession of meth charge, after being arrested at a local hotel. An arrest affi... Read More

Highway 15 Work Begins This Week

SCHUYLER - Highway 15 through Schuyler could be seeing some traffic limitations for an extended period of time, as construction begins this week. Work on N-15 is supposed to begin the week of August 7th, from County Road C, just south of Schuyler,... Read More

Man Accused of Fracturing Woman's Skull Sentenced for Child Abuse

SCHUYLER - A man who fractured a woman's skull by allegedly stomping on it has been sentenced in a separate case for felony child abuse at a Leigh residence. Eric Schmidt, 37, has been sentenced to 40 to 60 month in jail after pleading no contes... Read More