Democrats Bounce Back in Early Voting Battle

Omaha, NE.—After a rocky week, charges of racism among other things, Douglas County Democrats have bounced back in the early voting battle. While still not enjoying the lead they have during the ... Read More

Update. Ashford: 'Toxic Partisanship' Opened the Door for Russian Hack

Omaha, NE.—Former Congressman Brad Ashford, long a proponent of bipartisan politics, now says when it comes to the Russian hack of the 2016 presidential campaign it's a pox on both parties. Earlier this year, Democrat Ashford went on national TV... Read More

Krist Money Woes Roll On

Omaha, NE.—Outspent by Gov. Pete Ricketts by a nearly five-to-one margin, Democrat Bob Krist's money struggles continue. With election day just three weeks away Ricketts has spent nearly $2.3 million compared to Krist's $450,000, according to th... Read More

Exclusive: Democrats' Feud Escalates, Finds Crucial Votes in the Crosshairs

Omaha. NE.—The feud between two top Democratic officials, first reported by News Channel Nebraska, is now bleeding into an early voting controversy with threats of potentially dire Election Day consequences for Democrats up and down the ballot, mos... Read More

Exclusive: Democrats' Family Feud Reaching Boiling Point Amid Charges of Racism

Omaha, NE.—With Election Day less than a month away, bad blood between two key Democratic leaders appears to be reaching a boiling point tied to accusations of racism. News Channel Nebraska has learned Crystal Rhoades the head of the Douglas Cou... Read More

Unfamiliar National Face Targets Former Lawmaker Lathrop

Omaha, NE.—TV attack ads are nothing new but there's an unfamiliar face on the attack in one key Nebraska race. It's the Lathrop-Riepe legislative battle in Ralston and southwest Omaha. And that unfamiliar face belongs to the little known Washin... Read More

Krist on GOP Videos: Ricketts Should Have 'Watched' Before Releasing

Omaha, NE.—Gov. Pete Ricketts should have "watched that video" before releasing it. That's just part of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist's first public and on-camera comments regarding three videos and charges by the Nebraska Republi... Read More

VIDEO: Fischer Confronted Over Kavanaugh Appointment

Omaha,. NE.—Confronted in the halls of Congress, Sen. Deb Fischer had nothing to say to two women protesting her vote to put Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court. (See Video Above) "How do you feel about putting a potential rapist on t... Read More

Political Survival Finds Stothert and Beutler Side by Side

Lincoln, NE.—Dog and cats living together... Not so, according to Democrat Chris Beutler and Republican Jean Stothert who stood side by side today (Thursday) fighting a move to term limit Beutler. As News Channel Nebraska first reported the h... Read More

Video Special. Sasse Ups Anti-Trump, Pro-Me Too Comments

Omaha, NE.—It's the latest and given the timing of the highly charged Kavanaugh hearings arguably Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse's highest profile anti-Trump attack. See Joe Jordan’s Full Video Report Above.  In the end though Sasse gave no indica... Read More

Eastman Poll Numbers Head South

Omaha, NE.—While touting a recent endorsement from former President Barack Obama, Democrat Kara Eastman is silent on a recent poll which finds her trailing Republican Congressman Don Bacon by nine points. See Joe Jordan’s Full Video Report Above... Read More