FiveThirtyEight Prediction Touts Eastman, Team Bacon Unimpressed

Omaha, NE.—One prediction, two totally different reactions. That’s the long and short of Project FiveThirtyEight’s look into the Bacon-Eastman race for Congress in Omaha... Read More

Team Fischer on More Debates: 'No Update at This Point'

Omaha, NE.—As Jane Raybould puts it, “I’ve been hearing from farmers, I'm hearing from  ranchers all across our state of  Nebraska, and I can tell you Sen. (Deb) Fischer, they're fed up." You’ve got to give Raybould, the Democrat's Senat... Read More

Some State Commissions End Debate-Debate, Not Nebraska

Omaha, NE.—Election Day is less than 100 days away and Nebraska voters are still playing wait and see—wait and see who will debate, when and how often. It’s the all too familiar debate-debate. (See Joe Jordan Reports video above.) But, ac... Read More

Team Raybould: We Have Attack Ad, Send Money

Omaha, NE.-- Maybe it's a fundraising ploy, maybe not. But here's what we know. After releasing the first TV attack ad of the campaign, hitting Republican Senator Deb Fischer, Democrat Jane Raybould fired off a letter to her supporters noting, ... Read More

Ashford Ups Ante into Russian Hacking

Omaha, NE.—Former Nebraska Congressman Brad Ashford is upping the ante following word that the Russians hacked his 2016 re-election campaign. “It slipped away pretty fast,” says Ashford referring to what he says was a “significant lead” ... Read More

Nebraska Think Tank Calls for 'Tax Reset'

Omaha, NE.—It's that time of year. Cities across Nebraska are finalizing next year's budgets, with or without property tax increases. The issue is front and center in the governor's race and regardless of who wins—Republican Governor Pete R... Read More

Fischer Accused of Sidestepping Criticism of Trump

Omaha, NE.—Unlike Ben Sasse, her fellow Nebraska Republican in the U.S. Senate, Deb Fischer has again sidestepped any direct criticism of President Trump—this time regarding Mr. Trump's Russia-Putin comments from Helsinki. While Sasse and seve... Read More

Stothert Budget Doesn't Raise, Doesn't Cut Taxes

Omaha, NE.—Mayor Jean Stothert says cutting property taxes is always a "goal" but not one she can swing in the city's new 2019 budget. News Channel Nebraska asked Stothert: "In a $400 million budget, and overall billion dollar budget,  you coul... Read More

Eastman: Trump 'Committed Treason' on Live TV

Omaha, NE.—Democratic Congressional hopeful Kara Eastman is accusing President Trump of committing "treason on live television." Eastman's charge follows Mr. Trump's controversial comments favoring Russia over his own intelligence officials rega... Read More

Blame Game Latest: NE Dems Play Trump-Card

Omaha, NE.—The Nebraska Democratic Party has wasted no time playing the Trump-card in its latest blame game with the GOP. Recent vandalism at Republican Party headquarters in Lincoln found the GOP firing the first shot. "This destructive crim... Read More

30 Year Anniversary of Kerrey-Karnes Debate Raises Questions for 2018

Omaha, NE.—As the debate-debate rages on for several key Nebraska races—who will debate, how often and when—the big question is do these debates matter. They are often, and arguably quite rightly, characterized as little more than highly pub... Read More