Roy Moore Fallout Hits Nebraska

Omaha, NE.—The fallout from the controversial Alabama Senate race, involving accusations that Republican Roy Moore abused young women nearly 40 years ago, has apparently hit Nebraska. Just days a... Read More

The Presidential Visit that Vanished from Nebraska News

Omaha, NE.—When the President of the United States comes to Nebraska it’s always a big deal, unless it’s December 5, 2007. That was the day George W. Bush was supposed to be the story of the day. And he was until just after 1:30 that afte... Read More

Missing Lincoln Woman's Body Found

Omaha, NE.—The body of a 24-year-old Lincoln woman missing for the last few weeks has been found, according to the family's Facebook page devoted to her search. Aubrey Trail    Bailey Boswell Sydney Loofe, who is originally from Neligh, wa... Read More

Schuyler Sees Uptick in Daytime Burglaries, Cash Reward Offered

SCHUYLER - Schuyler Police are encouraging area residents to make sure their homes are secure, following an uptick in daytime burglaries. Schuyler Police Chief K.C. Bang says they are looking for a suspect, who is described to be a white male, 5'6... Read More

Columbus Burglar was Arrested with Meth in Schuyler Hotel

SCHUYLER - An alleged Columbus burglar is also facing a meth charge, after court records say police found her hiding at a local hotel. A Schuyler police officer says in an affidavit, that back in September, they received a tip that a person wanted... Read More

Months Later State Patrol Problems Still 'A Mess'

Omaha, NE.—  Five months and some quarter of a million dollars—tax dollars—later there are more questions than answers facing the Nebraska State Patrol. Questions that find at least one key lawmaker (see exclusive interview above) insisting... Read More

Man Accused of Fracturing Woman's Skull Sentenced for Child Abuse

SCHUYLER - A man who fractured a woman's skull by allegedly stomping on it has been sentenced in a separate case for felony child abuse at a Leigh residence. Eric Schmidt, 37, has been sentenced to 40 to 60 month in jail after pleading no contes... Read More