NE Conservatives Battle Over Tax Plans

Omaha, NE.—In the ongoing fight for property tax cuts, Nebraska conservatives, from the governor on down, are far from like-minded on an answer. As lawmakers prepare for a key public hearing on t... Read More

More Driving Headaches in Omaha

Omaha, NE.—Driving in and around Omaha just got even tougher. While many roads are still closed from the flood, the spring and summer construction season is kicking off today (Monday). Watch Our Full Report Watch NCN in Omaha on Cox 1116 &nbs... Read More

Highway Officials: Damaged Roads Carrying only Five or Ten Year Flood Protection

Omaha, NE.—In the immediate aftermath of the Flood of 2019 state officials have a new warning:  It won't take much of another flood to to put hundreds of miles of damaged roads in even more danger. Watch Our Full Report Watch NCN in Omaha on Cox... Read More

Council Mulls Anti-Landlord Plans, Inspections are Key

Omaha. NE.—After an unexpected one week delay the Omaha City Council is again scheduled to vote Tuesday on plans aimed at curbing the city's slumlords. Going into the vote it appears the 7-member council is evenly split with one councilman, Vinn... Read More

Flood Fall-Out: Good News/Bad News for Roads

Omaha, NE.—State highway experts have some good news and not so good news as Nebraskans clean-up in the aftermath of the Flood of 2019. Watch our Full Report Watch NCN in Omaha on Cox 1116   ...... Read More

Floods Find Ricketts and Fellow Governors Talking Change But Short on Specifics

Council Bluffs, IA.—The governors of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri have had it with flooding and they want changes. But for now at least they are a bit short on specifics. See Full Report Watch NCN in Omaha on Cox 1116   ...... Read More

Fight Over Medicaid Expansion Not Over Yet

Omaha, NE.—We are now entering another round in the fight over Medicaid expansion in Nebraska. On Monday the governor announced an October, 2020 start date which was immediately met with outrage by many. Watch Our Full Report Watch NCN in Omah... Read More

Slumlord Vote is a Fight Over Inspections

Omaha, NE.—Omaha's months-long battle against slumlords takes center stage at city hall Tuesday. The city council is scheduled to vote on two competing clean-up plans that find inspections in the bulls-eye. Watch Full Video Report Below Watch ... Read More

Metro Omaha's Flooded Roads Fix: Months Not Weeks

Omaha, NE.—It's a mix of good news and bad news for fixing several key flooded roads around Omaha. The good news: Several projects are already in the works. The bad news: Drivers will need to be patient. Watch Our Full Report Below Watch NC... Read More

Recall Bill Stalled???

Omaha, NE.—For months we've all heard plenty about impeaching the President At the same time Nebraska lawmakers are debating the pros and cons of getting rid of public officials a lot further down the political food chain. Specifically, recal... Read More

Federal Disaster Aid and Nebraska’s GOP Tale of Two Victims: Floods ‘Yes’, Hurricanes ‘No’

Omaha, NE.—From the moment the Flood of 2019 hit Nebraska the state's all-Republican contingent on Capitol Hill promised federal aid was a must-have. But while pushing to get federal disaster aid for their own backyard Nebraska Senators and Cong... Read More