Police Brutality Trial Finds Video Front and Center

Omaha, NE.—Testimony is continuing in the police brutality trial of a fired Omaha police officer. Scotty Payne is one of two former officers charged with assault in the 2017 death of Zachary Bea... Read More

Winter Storm Rolls Through Omaha

Omaha, NE.-- Mother nature has gone easy on Omaha. Joe Jordan reports from I-80.   _informq.push();...... Read More

Unlike Last Winter Storm Omaha Crews Pre-Treat City Roads

Omaha, NE.—Today's winter storm is testing the City of Omaha's snow fighting plans, plans that didn't go so well just a few weeks ago. News Channel Nebraska's Joe Jordan is in the thick of some early morning strong winds as the snow has begun to f... Read More

Sasse's Late Night Talk Sparks Latest Look at 2020.

Omaha, NE.—Not a lot of news but a lot of raised eyebrows from Senator Ben Sasse's guest-shot on Late Night with Steven Colbert. During his Tuesday night appearance, the Nebraskan often called an anti-Trumper, was anti-Trump at times though he d... Read More

Omaha's Black Votes Mattered, Sort of. Ballot Questions Surface

Omaha, NE.—Proclaiming a 40 percent turnout in the 2018 elections a major step forward for North Omaha, Preston Love, who runs Omaha's Black Votes Matter operation, tells News Channel Nebraska more needs to be done. He's also raising questions a... Read More

Kerrey: Nebraska Democrats Need to Fix Rural Voters' 'Cultural Rejection'

Omaha, NE.—One look back at Election Night finds a major urban-rural split across Nebraska, with Democrats scoring well in Lincoln and Omaha, while the GOP roared across the rest of the state sweeping every major office. Former Senator Bob Kerre... Read More

Democrat Names for 2020 Starting to Surface

Omaha, NE.—Try these Democrats' names on for size in several upcoming races (they'll be here sooner than you think): Beutler, Ashford (not Brad), Morfeld and Vargas. Yes, with the 2018 election in the rear view mirror and very few wins Nebraska ... Read More

Exclusive: Ben Nelson Sees No Need for 'Vindication' in 'Cornhusker Kickback'/Medicaid Expansion Vote

Omaha, NE.—Former Senator Ben Nelson says that when voters said yes to Medicaid expansion last Tuesday, they were also saying yes to the so-called “Cornhusker Kickback.” In an exclusive interview with News Channel Nebraska, Nelson—a De... Read More

Stothert: Beutler 'Blindsided' by Term Limits, If She Runs Again She'll 'Be Ready'

Omaha, NE.—With Lincoln voters showing Mayor Chris Beutler the term limit door, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert tells News Channel Nebraska if she runs for a third term she won't be blindsided. On Tuesday, Democrat Beutler was stopped in his tracks fr... Read More

Eastman Battling Bacon and 'Gerrymandered' District

Omaha, NE.—According to one national study, the Omaha House race between Democrat Kara Eastman and Republican Congresssman Don Bacon has been Bacon’s race to lose since day one. (See Joe's Full Video Report Above) While some recent polls find ... Read More

Krist All-In on Legalized Sports Gambling to Cut Property Taxes

Omaha, NE.—Convinced it’s time to go outside the box to lower property taxes, the Democratic candidate for governor, Bob Krist, says he has plenty of ideas. One of those ideas is legalized sports gambling. Krist tells News Channel Nebraska'... Read More