Eastman for Congress: ‘A Little Soon’ to Impeach Trump

Eastman for Congress: ‘A Little Soon’ to Impeach Trump

Omaha, NE—Kara Eastman, the first Omaha Democrat looking to take on freshman Republican Congressman Don Bacon next year, says it is “a little soon” to impeach President Donald Trump.

in a wide ranging interview with News Channel Nebraska, Eastman—a member of the Metropolitan Community College board who is little known to most voters—weighed in on Trump, others who might get in the Democratic Primary including former Congressman Brad Ashford, and much more:

Kara Eastman

NCN: The fact that you are getting in shows you feel you are more equipped for Congress than others that might run. What makes you more equipped than former Congressman Ashford?

Eastman: I think I am the best candidate for this position because of my experience and because of my passion and because of my desire to help people and work with people, so I think somebody like me—somebody who has been working in and with the community for years really understands what we need to win a race like this.

NCN: You don’t think Ashford has done that?

Eastman: I think we’ve had other candidates who have stepped forward before and I think that it’s time for something new.

NCN: Many Democrats, especially those in the base of the party, are clearly upset with President Trump. Do you think President Trump should be impeached?

Eastman: I think that the current administration is doing things that are hurting our country. I think that the rollbacks of regulations to protect children from things like lead—the number one environmental hazard to them—those aren’t good policies. I think the way we are jeopardizing the millions of people who have health insurance and the way that we are focusing on things that are actually going to hurt people, that’s not the right way that we should be acting as a nation and it is certainly not in the best interests of Nebraskans.

NCN: But do you think Donald Trump should be impeached?

Eastman: I think we need to start holding Donald Trump accountable for his actions and insure we are progressing as a country.

NCN: So it’s too soon?

Eastman: I feel I’m not in a position right now to be able to say if we should impeach our current president. I think it is a little soon. I am unhappy with his current policies. I think that they are not what’s good for our people, not what is good for Nebraska, certainly not good for somebody like my mother who is already paying exorbitant prices for prescription drugs.

NCN: Are you for or against the Keystone XL pipeline?

Eastman: I have worked in environmental health for the last 11 years and I worry about things that are going to continue to contaminate our environment and I think we need to be providing jobs in our state but also making sure that people and the environment are protected.

NCN: So, you’re against the pipeline?

Eastman: I would not be for something that would potentially harm the residents of Nebraska.

NCN: You understand that by taking a position against the pipeline you are upsetting a lot people in the labor movement who usually vote for Democrats.

Eastman:  You know I think that people in the labor movement feel the same way I do, that we want workers protected, that we want our environment kept safe and so it doesn’t seem to me that that is the way to do that and so we need to make sure we are being true to the people of Nebraska and making sure that everybody is protected in every way.

NCN: But labor has clearly been in favor of the pipeline.

Eastman: In talking to members of the labor unions I think there are some people who are for it and some people who are against it and I think we need to make sure we are being true to the people who live and work in our state. There are ways to create jobs, you know investing in green infrastructure. If we invested in safe and healthy housing the way we should be we would be providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for people in our state. So l think there are ways we can come to a compromise and make sure that we are being true to our state, making sure that we are protecting our environment without putting people in harm.

Eastman, the President of Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, says she is running a “grass roots, authentic campaign.”

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